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Review Requests

If you would like one of your books reviewed on YABookBridges, please email me at yabookbridges@gmail.com and I will give you an estimated date on which the review could be completed. As I am a full-time middle school teacher in addition to my other jobs as Mom, wife, and YA book addict, the timeline is always subject to change. I appreciate the opportunity to give my honest opinion of your title and feature your book on the blog. I also appreciate your patience and willingness to share your writing with me and my followers.

In attempting to cover all the books I’m reading before I forget all about them, I want to simply review some books without the pedagogical bent. As I work through this process, the location of the reviews will probably change until I get comfortable with an organization scheme that I like. The reviews will first appear as traditional blog posts and then I will nest them on this page individually. I want to keep it simple so I will merely give a book a THUMBS UP  or THUMBS DOWN  rating. Either I mostly liked it or I mostly didn’t. Just my humble opinion on the books – nothing really technical beyond what jumps out at me immediately. Thanks for your support and patience.


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