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Review: Glass Sword

Glass Sword
Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was disappointed with the second installment of Aveyard’s series. Second books are always tricky because many times they are merely bridges to the finale. Glass Sword seems to fit that template. Mare and her compatriots wander around Norta simultaneously trying to recruit New Bloods and avoid King Maven.

In addition, the character development is uneven. The strong lead female I met in Red Queen does not seem to be present in Mare in the second book. Mare spends most of the book woe-is-me-ing over Maven’s betrayal, fretting over the fate of New Bloods she hasn’t even met yet, and playing the martyr in denying her feelings for Cal. Overall, she is an annoying 14 or 15 year old instead of behaving like a 17 year old rebel leader. Cal seems unable to embrace the leadership he so clearly possesses. Kilorn is suspicious and angry and quick to judge. Cameron is a welcome addition with her fiery opinions and staunch desire for revenge.

Exploring more of the Red and Silver’s world is interesting, and the broadening scope of the New Bloods’ powers is intriguing. I am still interested in finishing this series to see who ends up with the power between the battling factions. I hope to see more of Mare’s fierce side in the next installment.

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One thought on “Review: Glass Sword

  1. Excellent review. I have high hopes for book 3, despite the missteps of book 2. I hope the author takes the character development opportunities offered by the many new and interesting people on Mare’s team.

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