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Review: Half Wild

Half Wild
Half Wild by Sally Green

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

While I was impressed with Half Bad and Green’s choppy but detailed writing style, I was blown away by Half Wild. Guys! This book. Nathan is still torn between the two halves of himself and his struggle is portrayed so well. Things are going downhill fast for all of the witches in Europe. The Council is corrupt, and a cruel, power-hungry witch has taken control with one agenda: to destroy Black witches. Nathan is dragged into the fight as a means to help save Annalise. Nathan is learning to accept and control his Gift making him unsure of his own motives. Add doubt to his tenuous relationship with witches and halfbloods who claim to be his allies but making some decidedly suspicious decisions, and Nathan could be walking into a trap.

The plot of Half Wild is just as fast-paced and visceral as the first book. Readers will find themselves cheering and groaning with and because of Nathan. Green does a magnificent job of gradually developing Nathan’s character so that readers learn along with him rather than having a sense of knowing before he does. This keeps the suspense present and propels the story forward. The uncertainty Nathan feels is mirrored in the readers’ response to his relationships and actions. As usual, when Nathan finds a pocket of happiness, readers will wait for the other shoe to drop and discover how difficult it will be for Nathan and those he loves to live Half Wild. Fans of Sarah Rees Brennan’s Demon Lexicon books will enjoy this series. I’m not sure I can wait an entire YEAR for the last book in the series.

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