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To WriMo or not to WriMo?

I have participated in NanoWriMo on and off for the past seven years. October was a really busy month for us. I didn’t even get out our Halloween decorations, and you guys know how much I LOVE Halloween. As November approached, I debated whether to write this year. It will be hard. I will stay up too late…well, even later than I already do. I will despair. I will have writer’s block. I will rejoice over that ONE PARAGRAPH! It will be hard.

But then I remembered that writing is supposed to be hard. That’s what I tell my students, so why am I shying away from the challenge? It will be good for me to struggle and write and struggle. And it will be even better for my students to see me do so. So I head to the keyboard this evening with NO IDEA what I’m going to write, but determined to give it my best shot. And I’ll be letting my students watch the ugly, visceral struggle the whole way.

Wish me luck.


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