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Mid-Summer #Nerdlution

I finished post-planning on June 17 and this weekend marked the one-month mark of my summer. I have almost exactly one month to go before teachers have to report for pre-planning. I always have personal and professional goals for myself and my kids during the summer. I always want to read and write more and encourage my kids to practice those skills over the break as well. There are the ever-present professional goals of reading more, writing more, and growing professionally. Personally, I always try to focus on shedding some pounds.

I have read quite a bit in the last four weeks, so I feel like I’m keeping up with that goal well. I’ve kept my ear cocked to my PLN through Twitter and blogs that I read. My Nerdy Book Club friends put me to shame in the professional growth area: they all seem to be traveling the country attending PD conferences and NerdCamps galore. I have done some tinkering with my Ideas and Changes document that I keep throughout the school year thanks to the sharing they have done via Twitter and their blogs. And, to my own surprise, I have managed to shed a few pounds. I hardly ever manage to stick to my self-made promises to exercise regularly and eat better, but I’ve done well this summer. The only thing I haven’t managed to do is write more. Neither is it lost on me that in writing this, I am procrastinating yet again from “real” writing.

With almost exactly one month left, I am making another Nerdlution. I am committing to write 30 minutes a day. If I can continue to make sure I’m physically active for at least 30 minutes a day, surely I can take some time to write 30 minutes every day. I want to be more transparent with my students about my writing this coming school year. I want to show them my own writing and write with them on a consistent basis. I have done these things sporadically throughout my teaching career and to an instance, my students always respond better to those assignments I create with them or when i share my own struggles with a particular aspect of craft. It will help immeasurably to come to the table with a few works in progress. If I expect my students to consider themselves writers and take it seriously, I have to do the same.


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