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The Splendid Gail Carriger Part I

REVIEW: How does one begin to expound on the brilliance that is Gail Carriger? As so often happens, I was introduced to her brilliance by my friend K. Our abounding love for audiobooks keeps K and I current in the world of YA lit and some (read: very little) adult books. K “listens” more voraciously than I do and I noticed an abundance of Gail Carriger novels in her audio library. I began with the Finishing School books and am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series, Waistcoats and Weaponry which will be here 4 November 2014 (NOT NEARLY SOON ENOUGH!).

Then, having read Sophronia’s escapades and fallen in love with Carriger’s Steampunk world, I needed more. Like any good pusher, K directed me to the Parasol Protectorate books. With a tangential connection to the Finishing School series, Alexia’s was an interesting and entertaining world to dive into. The more “adult” topics in the book are handled with decorum if shockingly sensual and progressive for a Victorian woman of Alexia’s standing.  In the magical world that is Twitter, I have come across other, semi-rabid Carriger fans. @Book_Tasty is as ardent a Carriger fan as I and her speciality is the Etiquette and Espionage books. After a flurry of twitter conversations, I asked both K and @Book_Tasty to add their thoughts to my ramblings. We thought we’d break down the Carriger Adoration into three specific posts: characters, world-building, and humor. These are not the only incredible things about Carriger’s writing but they are the things that keep us checking our email,  Amazon, and Goodreads accounts for release updates.




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