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Let’s Talk 2014 Titles

Once again, I’m headed over to #engchat to share and be inspired. #engchat is one of my favorite Twitter chats because I’m not just talking to people who love books, but I’m talking to people who love books and GET ME. Much like the first time I watched Big Bang Theory, this is how I felt when I was introduced to #engchat:

snoopydanceNot only is it a group of people who like to talk about books BUT ALSO they are people who like to talk about books and how they teach them and how they can change students’ lives and how to get those books into the hands of anxious readers. The longer I teach, the more difficult it is to keep up with all the great books out there. Twitter and #engchat have become a great resource for keeping current with new and recurring trends, authors, series, and genres that I and my students will enjoy.

Join me on Jan. 20 at 7pm ET to talk about the books you just cannot wait to get your mitts on. Let’s talk series installments and new titles by favorite authors. (Like Laurie Halse Anderson’s newest: The Impossible Knife of Memory!) Let’s share letdowns (if you have any already) and surprises. Let’s talk about the books our students are looking forward to and the titles you will try to sneakily slip into the mix. Because, really,



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