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UPDATE-#Nerdlution: Round 1

In joining #Nerdlution: Round 1, I committed to blogging at least every other day.  As you can see, I have already slipped up. I did work on the blog, updating my current reads and yearly reading list, but I did not post an actual blog. But, in the spirit in which #Nerdlution was founded, I choose not to give up or berate myself for failing so quickly. And, as a writing teacher, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind myself that first drafts are never the polished piece we wish them to be. In that vein, I choose to revise my #Nerdlution just a little

I have decided to be a bit more organized in order to reach my goal. I plan to set aside 20 minutes of time during my planning at school specifically to work on my blog. That way I know I’ll have time to work on it every day, perhaps completing a post or just starting on a draft. This is important to me so I have to be a little more methodical and dedicated about it than just tossing out a goal with no plan to make it happen. Isn’t that the first thing we teach our students?

So, I suppose this counts as my post for the day and tomorrow brings the opportunity to work on another. Here’s to renewed resolve.



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