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Nerdlution: Round 1

Colby Sharp, co-founder of NerdyBookClub and blogger at sharpread.wordpress.com, has galvanized us again to make a change for ourselves with the support of our online community. In his post today, Colby explains how the idea behind the #NerdLution came about and the call to join the fray.

In the spirit of community, and because there always seems to be something I want to do for myself or my family, I am joining #Nerdlution: Round 1. *commence official-ish language*

I hereby resolve to blog at least every other day during #Nerdlution: Round 1. My blog is something that is important to me and something I enjoy doing. It seems that I always find excuses to push it to the end of the to-do list or ignore it completely. I want to, perhaps, even re-imagine the purpose of the blog. So with great excitement, and a little pessimism if I’m being honest, I launch my first #NerdLution tomorrow.


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