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Great Mind-bending Mystery: CRY BLUE MURDER by Kim Kane & Marion Roberts

PUBLISHER: University of Queensland Press

LENGTH: 224 pages

SOURCE: review copy from author (!!!)

SUMMARY: Will anyone hear you cry?

Celia and Alice share everything – their secrets, hopes and the increasing horror that a killer is on the loose and abducting schoolgirls just like them. Three bodies have been found, each shrouded in hand-woven fabric.

From within the depths of a police investigation, clues are starting to emerge. But as Alice and Celia discover the truth, danger is closer than anyone knows. Who can you trust at a time like this?

REVIEW: I LOVED this book. This book is amazing on so many levels. I related to it as a parent, a teacher, a social media user, and a scared member of a terrorized community. For some reason, serial killers entrance society and this book is no different. From the first few pages, readers are drawn into the tension of the Cocoon Killer and his systematic selection of young women in his community. Along with Celia and Alice, readers will stress about what the CK plans next. It is such an interesting way to become enmeshed in the story…watching two other girls become enmeshed in the story.

The format: sheer genius. Following Celia and Alice’s emails makes one feel like a voyeur: LOVING every minute of their interaction while impatiently trying to figure out where the Cocoon Killer will strike next. The inclusion of police reports and transcripts of interrogations lends a legitimate air to the narrative even while making it more fragmented. Because the linear progression of clues is camouflaged within the different modes of communication used in the story, readers will take their time piecing together the clues of this mystery.

In my opinion Kim Kane and Marion Roberts have modernized a struggling genre. Mystery seems to have taken a back seat to fantasy and post-apocalyptic fiction but this book brings it back with a vengeance. There are only so many creepy murder stories or serial killers authors can tell in a traditional manner before it becomes old hat. These authors have brought the murder-mystery into the 21st century by writing the story as one would experience it in real life. Much like Melina Marchetta or Pip Harry, it is with great anticipation that I await another title from Kim Kane and Marion Roberts.


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