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Every student and teacher from the beginning of SCHOOL has looked forward to the summer holidays. And while logically I know that adherence to the agrarian calendar is archaic and counter-productive to what I’m trying to accomplish as an educator, I think I look forward to the “summer break” more than my students. And, yes, I want to sleep in and spend time at the beach and take trips to visit friends and family but, the longer I teach, the more summer has become a time to catch up.

 I catch up on my TBR pile. I catch up on those professional books I ordered and barely managed to skim, much less read thoroughly. I catch up on the newest technological trends. I catch up on the newest, hottest, YA releases so that I have new stock for my classroom library. And then, if I have time, I catch up on sleep.
So, this week’s topics will be divided into four 15 minute segments about your personal reading and PPD (personal professional development) for the summer:
1. Which books are shouting at you from your TBR pile?
2. Which professional books do you plan to tackle or revisit?
3. Which technological issues do you plan to explore or practice?
4. Which middle grade and YA summer releases are you anticipating?
Join me from 7-8pm ET on Monday 20 May 2013 to discuss these and related topics. And here’s to summer!

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