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Reading Slump Update

After my last post, I committed to reading every day during SIR15 (Silent Independent Reading for 15 minutes) with my 8th graders and reading with Girl Athlete every night. I usually try to read a little bit during SIR but between reading conferences and the other “teacher duties” that plague us all, I rarely get in 5 minutes before it’s time to close the books and get to our class activities. But, making this commitment and sticking to it has jump-started my reading life again.

I finished SCARLET by Marissa Meyer and decided to abandon DANTE & ARISTOTLE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERRSE by Benjamin Alire Saenz. I am a HUGE abandon-aphobic; I call this the clean-your-plate syndrome in reading. But that’s another post in the making.

I have gone back to, and devoured, Hound Dog True by Linda Urban and have a stack of three library books and six ebooks waiting on me. In jumping back into reading, I am getting back to reviewing after abandoning my all-too-gracious authors for a few months. I’m excited for what I will discover in the reading world in the coming months and happy to be back to constantly having my nose in a book. I appreciate all the suggestions and support. Happy reading, Book People.


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