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Broadening Our Scope

This blogging adventure that I’ve been on for a year and a half has broadened my understanding and appreciation of the YA community. This includes authors, publicists, agents, and other lovers of YA books like teachers, readers, and bloggers. So as I continue on with my blog, I feel like I need to redefine a bridge book.

My definition of a “bridge book” has grown over the course of the blog’s existence. When I originally started out, I was focused on YA titles that could be paired with classic texts. And while I still want that to be the focus of the blog, I have discovered so many more ways that YA books (and middle grade titles for that matter) can “build bridges” for readers in so many ways. I want to continue to bridge YA books in multiple ways to multiple readerships. The following are the different ways my definition of a “bridge book” is continuing to evolve. Bridge books

  • connect readers to classic, canonical texts
  • feed emerging readers’ new interests
  • move emerging readers to more complex texts
  • connect literacy skills to multiple disciplines
  • broaden developed readers’ genre comfort zone

There is so much that YA books and the amazing community behind them can offer readers. I’m excited to continue growing as a fan, reader, teacher, and blogger. Leave a comment because I would love to hear what other ways you have seen YA and middle grade books create bridges in your and other readers’ lives.


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