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Kids’ BookBridges via Theater Girl

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My daughter, who I refer to as Theater Girl (TG), has decided to join me in this blogging adventure. She thought it would be cool to include a page to discuss kids’ books. She told me that “kids” is ages 2nd-8th grade. After that “they’re in high school and they’re teenagers so they probably don’t like ‘kid books’ anymore”. For her first book review, Theater Girl would like to discuss Judy Moody & Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt. What follows is my transcription of TG’s review of this book.

Judy Moody & Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt is about Judy & Stink and their parents taking a vacation to an island in North Carolina. (I just said, “Really?!” because we live in NC. TG responded, “Yeah. Read the book!”) When they get to the island they start exploring it. Then they see this dark shadow. They look up and the shadow is a pirate. His name is Captain Weevil. He tells Judy & Stink that there will be a treasure hunt on the island and they should meet him on the deck the next morning. (At this point, I have been reprimanded for my revision of her vocabulary. TG made the point that we need to use words that kids will know. She is right.) The next morning they get up early to start the hunt. They go down to the deck and they see other people there. While they’re there, they see two other people who look weird. They call them Tall Boy and Smart Girl. I can’t tell you the rest but I’ll tell you just a little more about it. Captain Weevil gives them the first clue and tells them they have to collect pirate coins all around the island following the clues to be the first team back to the ship. If they’re first, they get a prize. Now I can’t tell you the rest because that would just give the ending away.

I thought this book was pretty good and you will too. I liked it because it was about pirates and it’s funny. I liked the drawings too. I think probably everyone would like this book but it depends on if they like pirates.


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