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YA Book Community

I already knew that Book People were good folks. I am from a bookish family-generations of bookish people and while my husband doesn’t read (or obsess about) books as much as I do, he too comes from a bookish family.

As a public school, middle-grades teacher, the pressure in my profession has quadrupled since I started teaching in 2000 and, in keeping with my faction (Candor), I was looking for ANY way out of teaching. I was wondering if my struggle to find a job in our new city was a sign from The Universe that I needed to find a new calling. And it made me sad. Because teaching is a calling for me. But wading into Twitter, I found the community I had left behind. I found the support and like-mindedness that I needed to keep me teaching. I came late to the Twitter-verse, just joining this past fall of 2011. But it has broadened my perspective and widened my circle of influence. It has also confirmed everything I already knew about Book People. Book People are intelligent and humorous and friendly. They are welcoming and helpful and supportive. Book People are generous and encouraging and understand the value of reading as a life skill, not just something one does to pass a test.

Now I’m back in the classroom and reinvigorated to begin another school year. The sharing of ideas and book titles and methodology is incredible and the welcoming and engaging nature of the YA book-writing community is so refreshing. Getting entrenched in the YA Book People Community is one of the best things I’ve done for my career, besides going to NCTE/ALAN National Convention every year.

As proof positive of this supportive, sharing community, take a look at one of my Twitter-friend’s blogs. It’s called Mom2Boys #Bookaday Blog and she is talking about instilling the intrinsic desire to read. All the bloggers on my blogroll are just as thoughtful and forward-thinking.  Kristin is just one of the many, many people I’ve met in the last 9 months who keep me thinking, planning, reading, and teaching.


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