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Death by TBR Pile

I have a problem. Just as some women are put on an allowance to buy20120621-104802.jpg shoes or clothes, my husband has joked about putting me on a book-buying allowance. You see, if I love a book, I must own it. This obsession began when I was in junior high when my mom bought me the entire Anne of Green Gables series including the stories about Anne’s kids. Ever since then, the NEED to own a book I’ve enjoyed has been almost primal.


As an adult I am able to justify this need (mostly) because I’m a middle school Language Arts teacher and I have grown a sizable classroom library. (1100 titles and growing!) I mostly only read YA these days with the occasional “grown-up” book mixed in so much of what I buy is truly for school. But lately my TBR piles have gotten out of hand.

We moved in September and so I was out of the classroom for almost 7 months. I truly enjoyed getting to stay at home with The Boy (my four year old) and be at home when Theater Girl got home from 2nd grade. However, 20120621-104827.jpgthis seriously put a damper on my reading. I didn’t realize how much I was getting to read at school/work. Because silent reading is built into my classroom schedule, I was reading consistently at school whereas staying at home required less time for me, strangely. I so admire stay-at-home moms anyway but this gave me such a new appreciation, particularly for those of you who work from home writing or blogging or running a business in addition to the business of running a family. And while I was out of the classroom, I didn’t stop buying books. The TBR piles have grown and very little has been taken off the top. 20120621-105612.jpgTake a gander. And these are just the piles in the living room and on my Kindle. There is still a box under my night table, several books in my car, and all the “unread” titles in my audible.com account.

See?! I have issues. Literally issues of VOYA, VOICES FROM THE MIDDLE, & ENGLISH JOURNAL to read. Plus the “non-work” related stuff like BUST and PEOPLE magazines. I might be buried by the end of the summer. Literally buried underneath stacks of books. Also, I could be homeless because my husband might throw me out. But, fellow Book People, I know you understand. So please cheer me on as I try to vanquish these ever-growing piles this summer.



5 thoughts on “Death by TBR Pile

  1. Wonderful, wonderful!!! So little time, so many titles!!! Remember when you used to make me a summer reading list!!! ??? Got any suggestions for me this summer? Can’t wait to hug YOU!!!

  2. Wow, I completely understand your problem. My husband thinks I am crazy. And my pile is getting way out of hand. There just isn’t any room. I have been trying to get really picky on what books I pick to read and buy but I am still overwhelmed. Not only that but I have read a few too many yucky books lately and I am feeling less than inspired to keep reading. Such a bad situation. It doesn’t help that summer is keeping me too busy to read. Right now I am wishing I could just reread my favorites so everything can be right with the world again. Well, good luck. I believe in you.

    • Nothing wrong with a comforting reread. I usually reread all the Harry Potter books at some point in the summer. I don’t know if I’ll get to it this year because I’m doing several reviews and participating in the Reading Road Trip for July! Take comfort in well-loved books and just keep reading!

  3. Oh my gosh! I feel the same way (minus the kids part). My gateway books were the Baby Sitters Club series. I LOVE books and the very idea of books! I buy and check out from the library more books than I will EVER be able to read. But geez there are so many good books out there that are just begging to be read.

    • I have rediscovered the library (to my husband’s delight!). But I still do the same: check out more than I can read. I had 2 still on my night table & still checked out 3 more when I took my daughter to pick up some she had reserved. Too little time, my friend. *sigh*

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