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Nerdfighters in Raleigh, NC!

Last night was the Nerdfighter event put on by Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC. I got to attend thanks to a fellow Nerdfighter and cyber-friend who had an extra ticket (Hi, Lexie!). It was amazing. But those of you who are already Nerdfighters knew that it would be, didn’t you?

When I arrived, the stage was bare except for A PUPPET STAGE. That’s right, people. So after the obligatory introductions/directions from the good people at Quail Ridge Books, Hank Sock (!)  got the ball rolling. He reminded us to turn off the noises that accompanied all the different media that he INSISTED we use to record the evening.

And then out came JOHN GREEN! Thunderous applause ensued.

I’ll allow you a moment to let that sink in. *clasps hands patiently*

John Green began by reading an excerpt from The Fault in Our Stars which, of course, was filled with humor and intelligence and just…AWESOME. Then he introduced Hank who serenaded us with “This Isn’t Hogwarts” and so many others. Thunderous applause (and some shrieking) ensued.

After that song set, John came back out and took some time to answer questions. He covered all of his books from Looking for Alaska to discussing the fictional author Peter Van Houten from The Fault in Our Stars (tfios) and why JG hopes to never be exactly like him.

With another musical interlude from Hank, including “Accio Deathly Hallows”, both brothers answered some questions. The 12:00 timer was set and the gauntlet was thrown down. They would alternate answering questions and whoever was still speaking when the timer went off would have to be shocked. Hank lost which necessitated John’s performing his Happy Dance. You should be able to view a video of Hank’s “electrocution” on YouTube any second now. Thunderous applause (with aforementioned shrieking plus screaming and swooning) ensued.

Then there were a few more questions, John filmed the audience doing a Wave, the pair performed a 2-man wave on-stage and Hank ended the evening with his “A Song About an Anglerfish”. Then there was an ENCORE (yep, an encore) that included The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” as a nod to the brothers’ likeness to the Scottish pair IN WHICH JOHN GREEN SANG BACK-UP.

Thunderous applause ensued. With all previous permutations of appreciation included. Again.

Then the signing began in which both brothers were still charming and kind and polite and smiling even though I was in Group Q out of A-U.

Quail Ridge Books did an excellent job of organizing and staffing the event and I felt it all ran smoothly as well as being a must-see for any Nerdfighter who has the opportunity at upcoming tour locales.

Don’t forget to log on to the Nerdfighters site and check out everything going on in the Nerdfighting Universe. And please give to This Star Won’t Go Out .org to support the organization started by Esther’s (one of the inspirations for tfios) family.

Ultimately, a LOT of Worldsuck was removed from NC last night. Great event.


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