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Deuce knows she is destined to be a Huntress. She has trained her whole, short life to prepare for joining the ranks of the group charged with protecting and providing for the Enclave. After her naming ceremony at 15, Deuce is a full member of her community’s “adult” society though no one can remember a time when anyone lived past their 30s. Deuce, like every other Hunter, is given a partner. But as luck would have it, she’s paired with Fade: the only non-native member of the Enclave. He joined their home after surviving for four years alone in the underground tunnels with the Freaks. Fade is an intimidating Hunter and remains aloof from the group despite having lived among them for the last several years. Deuce is determined to win his respect and excel as the best Huntress in the Enclave. During a routine scouting mission, something goes awry and they must share devastating news with the Elders: the Freaks have decimated the neighboring communities and they are getting closer. Not only that but they seem to be increasing not only in number, but also in cunning.  Fade’s ferocity with his blades is matched only by his fervent belief that there is more to life than the restrictive rules and harsh punishments of the Enclave. Deuce strives to make sense of this new breed of boy and make sense of the compounding evidence that the Elders may not always know best. As the pair become entrenched in the battles within and without the Enclave, the struggle for sense and survival in the face of impending destruction will take Deuce far from the only safety she knows.

TWO THUMBS WAY, WAY UP for Enclave. Aguirre has created a believable world that is frightening in its possible realism. Both main characters are fluid and believable. The world they inhabit is harsh in its construction and the reader feels just as constricted reading about the Enclave as the characters must feel in the tunnels. As the scope of the story changes, it becomes clear that though the story is set in a post-apocalyptic world, the clear message is about the power of hope and compassion. Fans of The Hunger Games  and Divergent will equally enjoy the world of Enclave.


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